Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello Readers

Not many fight for change. These people are the weak. The ones who fall into the trap of the government.
These are the people who will sit and watch murder, say that it is bad, but do nothing to stop it.
Will you fight for change, or follow the everyday path of what the government.

Anonymous is a group of people will fight for what is truly right. That have shown that. I support anonymous, you should too. A friend of mine says that they have stolen this idea from V for Vendetta. But this is not the truth. Anonymous has only risen from this idea.

Will you?

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


Welcome to Fight for Your Change

Where we want to change the world.

But unfortunately, I can only do so much. I need you to go out into the world, and change something for the better. Give that change from McDonalds to that man you see everyday. Yeah, that one you see sleeping under a bridge or in a box or even on the street. Yes that one who fights everyday, just to get what you take for advantage. 

Now I'm not saying to give everything you own, just that 82¢ you found. To you that means nothing, to him it means another day of live.

Or walk up to that man who beats his wife, yeah that wife who always has bruises. Yeah her, the one who follows that man's every command. Or call the police. But do something. 

But hey why should you do this, It's not you life, not your problem. Out of site out of mind.

Well you are on not out of site, You are on my site. And I say "Why not". What is stopping you from giving that hand out for help. You think that they don't need that help. Well are you in their shoes? No you live in your shoes, you don't know that that person could take that help all the way to the top. They could use that hand you give to get into school. Become a doctor, and save your child from a tumor. Likely, no, but possible.

And on this blog

Possible is Possible